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Colorful Culinary Creativity

Warm weather brings lots of colorful fruits and veggies, and we’re going to inspire you to get creative by looking at your plate as a blank canvas. It’s all about delicious, healthy fun!

For an artful salad, build an edible garden with lettuce as grass, then “plant” some flowers. Celery and carrot sticks make great stems, spinach for green leaves, and blooms can be layered sliced cucumbers with a grape tomato or carrot circle in the center, or radishes sliced into circles or wedges and arranged as petals.

How about a tropical palm? Start with an asparagus trunk and make fronds from orange, red and yellow pepper slices—or try mouthwatering mango or peach slices and a banana trunk. Water your garden with your favorite salad or sweet yogurt dressing, or dip on the side.

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