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Westside Market
One of the things I miss most about no longer living in Morningside Heights is not being within a short walk's distance of Westside. The produce prices here are really reasonable--I would definitely have eaten less fresh fruit without Westside's great two-for-$5 bargains on strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I would also have gotten less protein/fat during my lean student years if not for Westside's generous selection of cheese samples and crackers. Best of all, this market is open 24 hours, which came in handy quite a few times when yours truly was struggling in the wee hours with a problem set and/or paper and needed some grocery store therapy to get me through the night.”
- Annie M., San Francisco, CA
I've walked by this market many times and finally stopped in "for a minute" to grab some juice. It reminded me so much of the organic food store I worked in when I was in high school, I instantly fell in love. There was a large assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a huge selection of natural and organic products.

But the amount of cheese I ate was just uncalled for: at least 3 different types of cheddar, 2 types of gouda, creamy goat and herb cheese, Romano cheese, Swiss cheese, jalapeno muenster, yogurt, smoked yogurt, feta…and a bunch I can't even remember. They had one of the largest cheese selections I've ever seen, with samples of almost every kind. I couldn't stop. I only came in here for some black cherry juice. I had no idea I was going to turn into the glutton that I did.”
- Moriah R., New York, NY
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